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Firetex Disaster Management Products
Disaster Management Products are manufactured and supplied in premium quality by our company. All these products are build with great care and accurate specification designs. These products are essential necessary for every rescue organization to saving the peoples.

Firefighter Clothing & Accessories
The Firefighter Clothing Accessories are provided by us in different types which are heat repellent in nature. These are made from quality aluminum glass fiber fabric, leather, rubber, FR without any faults.
Firetex Escape Chute
These Escape Chute is sturdy, fire repellent and durable in nature. The chute is used as emergency exit in the buildings when the places is on fire or any hazardous conditions.
Firetex  Fire Protection Blanket
Fire Blanket is a protecting cover which is made for saving fire victims from fire flames and high temperatures. It is build into long and wide rectangular shape blanket to perfectly cover all the body.
Passive Fire Protection System
Passive Fire Protection Systems, crafted from aluminum in various sizes and colors, assure a warranty for reliability. Designed for fire protection use, they effectively limit fire spread, offering enhanced safety and compliance with regulations. Their diverse sizes cater to different installation needs, ensuring comprehensive protection against fire hazards.
Escape Rescue System
An Escape Rescue System, such as the Fireman Evacuation Lift, is built from stainless steel and available in various sizes. It guarantees a warranty and is suitable for residential and commercial use. Its silver color ensures visibility and integrates with architectural aesthetics, providing safe and efficient evacuation in emergency situations.
Brake lining
Brake lining, often asbestos-based, provides friction in vehicle braking systems. Available in various sizes, it ensures optimal fit and function. Its benefits include heat resistance, durability, and reliable performance under extreme conditions. With its fibrous structure, it minimizes wear on brake components, contributing to safe and efficient braking in vehicles.