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Brake Lining

Brake lining is a kind of crucial component in vehicle braking systems, providing friction to slow or stop the vehicle. Typically made with an asbestos base, it comes in various sizes to fit different vehicles. Its asbestos composition offers exceptional heat resistance and durability, crucial for withstanding high temperatures generated during braking. The material's fibrous structure ensures reliable friction and smooth operation. Its benefits include excellent performance under extreme conditions, long service life, and minimal wear on brake components. With precise sizing options, brake linings ensure optimal fit and function, contributing to safe and efficient braking performance in automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Brake Lining

  • Supply Ability:3000 Per Month
Price: 1100 INR/Set

Asbestos Metallic Friction Liner Pad

Commando Make Asbestos Base Rigid Powder Moulded Metallic friction liner pad/ Ring/ Segments / Blocks

Non Metallic Moulded Flexible Brake Liner

Commando Make Non Asbestos Rubber Resin Bonded Non Metallic Moulded Flexible Brake Liner

Asbestos Moulded Industrial Friction Gear

Commando Make Asbestos Base Rigid Powder Moulded Industrial Friction Gear

Metallic Industrial Roll Brake Liner

  • Brake Type:Other
Price: 300 INR/Meter

Non-Asbestos Woven Brake Lining

Commando Make Asbestos Free Woven Metallic Industrial Roll Brake Lining Brown Colour Sfm 16601

Non Asbestos Brake Liner

Non Asbestos Brake Liner for York , Fuwa, DLT , excel SFV-990

Non asbestos Brake Liner

Non asbestos Brake Liner for Heavy Commercial Vehicle SFV-990 Used in BPW /JOST

Non Asbestos Brake Lining

Commando Make Non Asbestos Brake Lining-SFV 990/SFV -990 ST

Industrial friction sheet

  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Brake Type:Other
  • Material:Asbestos Base
Price: 1 INR/Sheet

Asbestos Metallic Friction Sheet

Commando Make Asbestos Base Rigid Powder Moulded Metallic Friction Sheet